I absolutely love a luxury hotel and after a rather busy 2017, setting up my boutique coaching agency, working and travel blogging I was excited to end the year with a weekend trip of spa time and self-love. With that in mind I booked my last holiday of 2017 to stay at Royal Savoy Lausanne.

I do love a 5 star hotel and Royal Savoy Lausanne  is the epitome of 5 star luxury, amazing spa, great service and everything you need for a Swiss getaway. The hotel is suited in Lausanne on gorgeous Lake Geneva, the setting of which couldn’t be better to set the tone of my weekend.


I had heard a lot about Royal Savoy Lausanne from one of my closest friends Aftab who had stayed at the hotel in summer and had raved about it.  If you read his review here you can see why I was beyond excited to check into my room.  I do love a hotel recommendation, however I am always a little cautious to get too excited just in case I get disappointed. To be honest the only disappointment at Royal Savoy Lausanne came when I had to check out.

If I had to give a best room award of 2017 it would have to go to Royal Savoy Lausanne with my room at Trump Turnberry coming in at a very close second. I loved how spacious and light and airy the room was as I often find in Europe rooms are high in price and small in space. This was a mini palace away from the hustle and bustle of life and what’s more I could see the wonderful mountains from our room. 

The attention to detail was exceptional, I mean look at the ipad above which displayed the weather forecast and other useful information.


We all know I am the queen of breakfasts. Truth be told when I am not on holiday I eat porridge 99% of the time Monday – Sunday so when I go away I use it as an opportunity to indulge. I am sure one star of hotel star ratings is accounted for by how good a hotel breakfast is.  At Royal Savoy Lausanne the breakfast was undoubtedly 6 star.

The fussiest of food eaters would not be disappointed as there is so much choice.

You can take breakfast in either of the three spacious and airy dining spaces. I chose to have mine in front of the chef’s cooking area as I lovely immersing myself into the preparation of my food. There was plenty of fresh options and after a (few) plates of continental breakfast I also indulged in a freshly cooked poached egg.


I absolutely love me time and indulging in quality time of doing nothing. The Spa at Royal Savoy Lausanne is the perfect place to completely switch off and unwind. Everything about the spa is deluxe. I have to confess I didn’t see much of Lausanne as I spent a day and a half in the spa, as it truly was the ultimate sanctum of heaven. Whether you are a hard working girl in the city or a yummy mummy looking for an escape this spa is the perfect place to make the world stop and simply enjoy being you.

I cannot even tell you what my favourite part of the spa was as everything was so heavenly. One of the most impressive things was the indoor and outdoor heated pool. This pool was everything, the semi circles that you can see in the outdoor pool are individual hydro pods. How divine is that!


Dear reader  by now you know I didn’t really leave the sanctum of heaven so it was pretty handy that the hotel had an amazing restaurant on site.  As a result I didn’t really eat out in Lausanne and chose to have dinner in the hotel restaurant. Before dinner we enjoyed pre- dinner drinks in the hotel lobby which was just pure bliss.

I am a people watcher and the lobby bar was fabulous for watching the world go by while I basked in my gorgeous white wine. Spending all day in the spa can be rather exhausting and can certainly build up a decent appetite so having a hotel restaurant on site is handy.

I have to confess I am not usually a huge fan of hotel dining however Brasserie Du Royal was a great hotel restaurant. The menu has been created by Michelin starred chef Marc Haeberlin so you can expect fabulous food. The menu choice was extremely extensive which was great as eating in the same restaurant over the course of the weekend requires there to be plenty of choice.The food at was exceptional which was to be expected, however what really impressed me was the service, attentive without being overbearing.

Undoubtedly my stay at Royal Savoy Lausanne was one of the best of 2017, it was an absolute sanctum of luxury which I would happily recommend to anyone wanting to enjoy some true R&R in the gorgeous surroundings of the Swiss mountain air of Lausanne. The bar for 2018 travel has been set, I have undoubtedly ended my 2017 travel experiences on a high note.

 Did you end your 2017 travel experiences on a high note?



  1. November 18, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    It all looks fantastic! A great last trip of the year! What a beautiful hotel x

    • thezrw
      November 19, 2017 / 8:29 pm

      It really was. I would highly recommend it…that SPA WAS EVERYTHING. xx

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