Three quotes to inspire you this weekend

Life is good at the moment, I have just started my new job (read all about my resignation) and will be heading for another adventure to Bruges this weekend.  I am always a firm believer of seizing the day and making the most of your life as one of my favourite quotes is everyone dies, not everyone lives.  Not everyone truly lives and makes the most of their life.  I hope these three positive will enable you to be one step closer to living to the maximum and enjoy the weekend.

The bad news is time flies.  The

good news is you’re the pilot.

 Time does fly and sometimes you forget how quickly a week can go by and before it the year has flown by.  It’s absolutely okay that time flies by really quickly so long as you know that you are the pilot, you determine the direction you want your life to take.


Little drops of what make a mighty


This particular quote is one my mum always says to me.  The best way to explain is, lots of little effort each day will get you to achieve your goals.  I particularly love this goal for big dreams and goals.  I have achieved some unimaginable goals just by keeping this in mind. Anything impossible can be achieved if you remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean, all you have to do is check in and give your drop of water.


You are allowed to scream, you’re

allowed to cry, but do not give up


Yes you are allowed to scream, cry hard but what you cannot do is quit and give up.  Screaming and crying is perfectly fine so long as you push hard to achieving what you want to achieve.

What are you going to do this weekend to make you happy? Zoe x

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