Sushi, Sashimi and Salmon at Pan Chai Harrods

With autumn fast approaching and with my new job on the horizon I really needed to take some time out to do a little bit of retail therapy, have a spot of lunch and spend time with Mummy RW.  Several birds and one stone all hit in one go. 

My restaurant of choice was pretty much decided when I got invited to Pan Chai* Harrods for lunch.   Now Harrods is one of my favourite stores in London, and prior to my blogging days I had a pit stop lunch there before and really enjoyed it so I was pleased to go back to the restaurant.

While we perused the extensive menu to kick start our lunch we ordered two large glasses of Sancerre wine which is one of my favourite glasses of white wine.  I like to think of myself as a little a wine connoisseur after all I was a member of the wine society at university and I have quaffed plenty of wine to know my Sancerre from my Chablis.  If I only had the Sancerre to drink I would have left the restaurant a happy lady as the wine was beautiful.

Once we had a few sips we could decide on our sushi strategy. I don’t know whether anyone has a sushi strategy but I do, I like to start with sashimi.  Pan Chai offers an extensive range of sashimi and I opted for the standard salmon sashimi and opted for scallop sashimi, which is something I hadn’t tried before.

Both sashimi dishes were nice however I felt that the scallop sashimi was beyond beautiful.  The scallop itself was so fresh and melted in your mouth like butter, it’s something I could easily have every day. After sashimi I then like to eat tempura and sushi before going onto hot dishes.  Mummy RW and I chose octopus tempura and then choose two sushi selections from the Signature sushi selection rolls. 

We opted for the Harrods Special and the Black Dragon.  The Harrods special which was divine, think snow crab, avocado and spicy mayonnaise which is finally topped with chopped scallops and black caviar.  Warning bold statement ahead! The Harrods Special is one of the best sushi combinations you can find.

After the Harrods Special the Black Dragon had a lot to live up to and though I enjoyed the prawn tempura and avocado roll I cannot say it was the best sushi combination you can find.  Now don’t get me wrong it was delicious and I ate it all but no bold statements for the Black Dragon.

The good job about sushi is you can always find room for more, so following our sushi we opted to try the salmon terakiyi and seafood fried rice.

When I saw the portion sizes of the dish I was worried I was eating with my eyes and not my stomach. Totally a first world problem I know but nonetheless a serious problem.  I was pleased we ordered the salmon teriyaki as it  was perfectly glazed and served with seared asparagus. 

When I first saw the seafood rice my first thoughts were where is the seafood, however rest assured there is plenty of seafood in the dish.  Both Mummy RW and I really enjoyed the dish and loved the added kick of spice to the seafood fried rice.  Though I did peruse the dessert menu I have to say we were well truly stuffed and could not find any room for more dessert. I absolutely loved Pan Chai and will certainly recommend it as the perfect shopping pit stop in Harrods.  

Have you tried Pan Chai Harrods? Zoe x


*  I was a guest at Pan Chai Harrods



  1. September 15, 2017 / 1:32 pm

    Looks delicious!! 🍣 🍷

    • thezrw
      September 15, 2017 / 4:54 pm

      It really was esp the Harrods Special.

    • thezrw
      September 18, 2017 / 8:34 am

      The Harrods special still features in my foodie dreams.

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