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If you follow me on Instagram you would have noted that  Aftab and I nearly didn’t make our flight to Madrid.  Never have I been so over the moon to step onto a plane.  If we didn’t make the flight we would have missed out on this…………………

VIBES // Loving the vibes @theprincipalmadrid @smallluxuryhotels

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The Principal Madrid a Small Luxury Hotel.  Doesn’t this hotel look amazing and can you imagine the tears that would have poured from my eyes if we missed our flight. BTW I had a back up plan that if we arrived at the gate and they said  the gate is closed I was going to chuck myself on the floor and start sobbing. (Drama Queen….who me?)

STRUTTING// Strutting around in Plaza Mayor

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One of the places I remembered visiting the first time I came to Madrid was Plaza Mayor, a beautiful square in the centre of Madrid. One of the major food markets in Madrid, San Miguel is located just off the square.

TOURIST // Always a tourist

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I didn’t remember visiting the Cathedral Nuestra the first time I came to Madrid, however I am so glad that I got to admire the insides. Here I am playing tourist outside the cathedral.  The cathedral is one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. I mean look at the below picture…how could you not fall in love with it.

CATHEDRAL // When you always say a prayer in a cathedral 🙏

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On my first visit to Madrid I fell in love with Parque Del Retiro and the first time I came to Madrid I watched the other rowers when all i wanted to do was row my heart away.  I was over the moon when I finally got to row my heart away despite finding rowing a lot harder than I expected.

ZOE // Captain Zoe rowing away in Parque Del Retiro

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Madrid was just as fun as I remember and I loved every minute of my second time back in Spain’s hippest city.


Have you been to Madrid before? Zoe x


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