A room with a view at Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort (Part 1)

The question,  ‘Would you like to come and enjoy a luxury staycation in Scotland?.

‘The answer, ‘You don’t need to ask me twice darling, luxury is my middle name’.

When my bestie  Aftab  invited me to a  luxury trip to Trump Turnberry a Luxury Collection Resort* the simple answer was yes yes yes. Even though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the hotel I did know the Luxury Collection Resorts and Hotels are my cup of tea.

Prior to my visit I couldn’t place Turnberry on a map of the UK, however I am someone who is always keen to discover new places.  If you do not know where Turnberry is, it is an hour away from Glasgow airport.  That one hour drive takes you to a picturesque landscape of beautiful green sheets of fields, where the sea meets the land.  When our driver announced you have reached your destination and I got my first glimpse of Trump Turnberry…………. 

Isn’t it just absolutely spectacular?  I expected luxury but not on such a grand scale.  The hotel is infamous for it’s golf linked course, but part in 1 and part 2 of my review you will discover that Trump Turnberry is a perfect city dwellers retreat.  For those who don’t play golf  there is plenty of other activities to do, or you can simply spend all day poolside.  At Trump Turnberry you can do as much or as little as you wish.

Once I saw the outside of the hotel I could not wait to get inside. Okay dear reader here comes my usual line about the lobby. The lobby is the determiner on whether you have hit the jackpot or  whether you need to cry because you should have listened to the bad reviews.  The lobby at Trump Turnberry was top trumps! It was very spacious with a warm welcoming feel.


Once I saw the lobby I was then eager to see the room. 


When the hotel room card hit the card reader and the door opened it revealed this jackpot of a room.


The room was a rich royal blue with a lots of maghony. With the imposing view of the sea it added a warmth to the room on our sunny day and our much rainy second day (no trip to Scotland is complete without rain).


This hotel room was certainly a room with a view!

A wonderful room with an uninterrupted view straight into the sea.  That little mound you can see straight ahead is the Aisla Craig.

Once I took in the room I was very excited to take a peek at the bathroom.  I love a good hotel bathroom and the bathroom in the room did not disappoint, it was a bathroom of DREAMS.  My photos do not do it justice so you will simply have to trust my word or alternatively book a trip and take a look yourself.

I was particularly impressed with the his and hers toiletries in the bathroom. Nothing screams attention to detail and luxury like customising amenities to your guest.

Everyone knows my favourite type of shower is a rain shower! The bathroom was super lux with gold finishing. 

The only slight annoyance with the shower was the rain shower was so powerful it caused the floor to get wet.


The hotel is a big kids adventure land.  There are so many activities to do, everything from clay pigeon shooting, archery, quad biking and even water zorbing. 

On our first day at the resort we were booked in to have archery lessons.  As a pretty city girl who was born in London I had never held a bow let only an arrow. For me bows are what you tie in your hair and I have never had any use for an arrow.  However I am someone who is always up to try something new and I was keen to figure this bow and arrow stuff out.


Our instructor for the day was Julie and she was  an incredible teacher.  She was such a delight, patient and gave clear instructions.  Julie is one of the best instructors I have had teaching me a sport of any type.

Okay I have a confession to make I love archery! I really took to it and after a several missed shots when I got the hang of it I really took to it. So much so if I had enough time I would join an archery club.


After our archery lesson, Aftab and I went in search of the halfway house lighthouse which we had heard so much about.

Not only does the halfway house makes a perfect spot for golfers, it also has a glorious suite as well.  Unfortunately the suite was occupied so we couldn’t have a nose around.

We took the opportunity to have lunch  at the half way house.  We had juicy steak and mustard toasted sandwiches.

Now where is the picture you may ask….. well after a long session of archery and getting lost finding the halfway house we were too starving to take pictures of food. Yes it is possible, bloggers who want to eat and not take any photos of their food. 


After lunch we pottered back to enjoy the delights of the hotel, drink champagne and just relax.  Once we enjoyed our champagne we made our way to dinner at the Duel in the Sun . 

The Duel in the Sun is in another building opposite the hotel. Though the Duel in the Sun is a more casual restaurant than I was expecting, the menu was extensive and the food was very good quality. We both had starters followed by steak and salad for chips.



After our wonderful dinner it was time to skip back to our room and get sleep for our second day at Trump Turnberry. Join me next week for Part 2 of my review for a delightful breakfast, me time at the spa and more adventure spots

Zoe x



  1. August 25, 2017 / 9:06 am

    It was literally so much fun! Thank you for accompanying me on the trip.

    • thezrw
      August 30, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Bring on Madrid!

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