I am not sure why it took me so long to visit Prague but I am glad I finally ticked it off my bucket list as I totally and utterly fell in love with the city. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my Dear Prague note in which I wrote a note to the city saying sorry it took me so long to visit.  Despite Prague being one of the last major European cities I had left to visit it is the first in my EAT, SLEEP SERIES.  When I created my luxury travel blog I really wanted it to be practical.  The EAT, SLEEP, SERIES is a luxury travel snapshot guide on where to eat, sleep and see.


When I started to do my research on where to eat in Prague I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Michelin starred and Michelin recommended restaurants in such a tiny city (1.2 million people versus 10 million tourists).  Those that know me know that I like to go prepared and pre book restaurants, which means using the Michelin guide, reading other bloggers websites and checking out Conde Nast all in hope of finding somewhere great to eat.

When deciding on where to eat in Prague I made a conscious effort to find fine dining restaurants that offered fabulous food, good atmosphere and were not budget breaking.  I do like to splash out on food but I do not believe that for a meal to be good it needs to cost £300 + per person. As I like to say not everyday fancy fancy.


Bellevue restaurant is one which I can highly recommend, not only is it in the Michelin guide but it also came recommended by a really good friend of mine who has a well travelled palette.  The restaurant offers a choice of either A la Carte or Degustation menu’s and there wasn’t one morsel that I did not enjoy.  I will be sharing my review on THEZRW shortly, but to give you an idea of the standard and quality of food look at this amazing plate of langoustines with a risotto and foam broth.


Divinis restaurant was everything I wasn’t expecting.  It was actually the first place we ate in Prague and I have to say the food set the bar high.  I had read reviews but I didn’t expect such good quality of food and service from such a small restaurant.  The restaurant perfectly suited my current eating style, good food, formal enough but not too stuffy service.

I feasted on plenty including the this wonderful plate of risotto and as for the puddings they were everything! 



Finding a hotel is so difficult.  I put a lot of thought into where I am going to stay, location, budget, type of holiday, facilities and amenties all form part of the decision making process when it comes to deciding where I am going to lay my head.  If you are looking for where to stay in Prague rest assured there are plenty of options for the discerning traveller.  Prague has many options when it comes to luxury hotels.


I stayed at the Boho Hotel Prague a Small Luxury Hotel.  The Hotel is perfectly positioned within walking proximity of the Old Town. The rooms were well apportioned and as with all Small Luxury Hotels that I have stayed at the attention to detail and service was faultless. I cannot wait to share my review of the hotel later on this week.


My poor feet are so glad to be back in London as I saw and did so many amazing things in Prague.  I am a huge fan of walking and Prague is a perfect city to simply meander and admire the various architecture that doesn’t quite blend together but yet blends so beautifully well.



The old town was my first experience of Prague and from the moment I stepped into the square I knew I would love the city.  The gothic style architecture in bright candy colours really appealed to me.  Prague to me is a city where there were no design rules. Everything goes, which suits my personality, there are no rules and it will all fall into place.



One of the beautiful wonders just of the Old Town Square is the astronomical clock.  The clock is absolutely stunning and the best time to go is just before it strikes the hour as when the clock strikes the hour these little figurines come out to signal a new hour.


I heard so much about the infamous Charles bridge that crosses the Vlatva river.  Having walked across several world famous bridges including the Rialto and Golden Gate I was pleased to find that Charles Bridge was unique in its own way and did not disappoint.The Charles Bridge towers mark the start and end of the bridge dominate the river.


I absolutely loved the gothic stone and the 30 baroque statues placed along the bridge epitomise the overall architecture in the city (in my view a wonderful mish mash that blends so beautifully).

 No trip to Prague is complete without several walks along the Charles Bridge.


One of my all time favourite activities to do in any city with a river is to take a river cruise down and take in the city from a different vantage point.  I firmly believe the best way to see any city is to walk, walk, walk but I enjoy nothing more than taking the weight of my feet and enjoying a river cruise.  To see the city I simply just hopped onto a Prague Boat tour and picked a one hour cruise.

I loved seeing the wonders of Charles Bridge and the Castle from the water.


Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Prague has the Petrin Tower.The journey up to Petrin Tower via the funicular is fabulous but the true gem lies from the views of Prague from Petrin Tower. I didn’t take the stairs up as I will need forget attempting to take the stairs up the Eiffel Tower aged 12 and having a meltdown.

So after a short ride up the lift I was rewarded with amazing views.  Having used the funicular to Petrin Hill we ended up walking down the hill which worked out well as we found a fabulous spot to have a glass of vino and take in the rolling hills and Prague Castle.


I really enjoyed Kampa Island. I found it to be so peaceful and serene, a nice little break away from the hustle and bustle from all the tourists.  I always try find to take a moment to appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to do and see so many great things and Kampa Island was the perfect spot to have a moment of appreciation.

Hiring a pedalo from Kampa Island is a perfect way to enjoy the Vltava river.

As you can tell I really enjoyed my trip to Prague and I am so glad I got to visit this wonderful city sooner rather later.

Have you been to Prague before? Where did you eat,sleep?


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