Peruvian Delight at COYA Angel Court

When Aftab and Angie text to say come and join them at COYA Angel Court* I got ready in the jetset speed of 30 minutes which included showering, choosing an outfit and putting my makeup on. That 30 minute is a testament to how much I wanted to try COYA Angel Court.  As it happens as part of our summer is for living project, Aftab and I already had it on our list to try COYA Mayfair so when the invite came to try their new opening COYA Angel Court I was over the moon. 

Coya Angel Court is a hop skip away from Bank and the location could not be more perfect for dinner after work.  I was slightly apprehensive that the restaurant was going to have a city boy vibe but that could not be further from the truth. I could easily imagine having dinner there with my future husband! The restaurant décor is reflective of Peruvian food, punchy and bold but refreshingly clean and crisp. I absolutely loved the bright colours.  The open kitchen was great as you could catch glimpses of what was going on without it intruding into the dining space.

 I don’t know about you but when I am going to a new restaurant or a new destination that I am excited  about I always get apprehensive as I don’t deal well with let downs.  However my mind was put at ease when  we were presented with an array of beautifully thought out cheviche. 

My first mouthful was the tuna ceviche and this mouthful was everything. Now I don’t use the word everything lightly. Who knew tuna, soya, sesame and shrimp cracker could be so delightful.  I instantly got that aaaahhh moment, everything you could ask  for in a mouthful of ceviche was in this first bite. 

This dish of cuttlefish, ginger, yuzu and squid ink was great.  The ginger gave the perfect little kick to the cuttlefish and balanced out the squid ink.  I could have easily devoured the whole plate.


Though I enjoyed the seabass I didn’t feel the flavour was as amazing as the tuna and squid.  That’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable as it was fresh and light but after the tuna and cuttlefish the bar was set high and I felt that the seabass could had more of a stronger flavour.  

One of my favourite dishes was the croquetetas de lubina! These Chilean seabass croquettes with chilli aioli packed a punch! I am not impartial to chilli and the chilli ailoi was the perfect rocket fuel for the delicate seabass croquette. By rocket fuel I mean there is sufficient chilli in the aioli.  It was all rather strange because each time I got a mouthful of the soft seabass with a kick of chilli I just wanted more and three croquettes later I thought perhaps I should leave some for the other guests to try.

Do you like the look of my buns? Well my buns tasted just as good as they look. They were moist and the pork was tender and sweet.


When it comes to mains I am usually a meat girl so I was pleased to have had the opportunity to venture away from my default.  To start with I tried the salmon. The salmon just flaked off so easily and was cooked to perfection.  I loved the fact that the flavouring didn’t overpower the salmon. Following the salmon I then tried the chicken. Now I try not to order chicken in a restaurant as I have this irrational fear that it may turn up on my plate drier than the Sahara desert. This chicken was tender, smokey and full of flavour.

After our delightful mains came dessert.  I would have to say I hardly had any room left for dessert but for the sake of the blog I found some space.

Our first dessert was a raspberry sorbet.  The sorbet was refreshing but a little taut for me. I  like my desserts to be sweet so the coconut mouse with honeycombe shards was the most perfect dessert for me.  The coconut mouse was smooth and light, I am not 100% sure but I am sure it had just a tiny ounce of chocolate on the outer layer which added another beautiful flavour to the dessert.

 COYA Angel Court was everything and more for me, a true Peruvian Delight. I cannot believe I waited so long to try COYA.  It’s actually national ceviche day today so don’t mind me if I skip back for some more amazing food.

D&D details – COYA Angel Court, 31-33 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AT


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