The art of me time

I consider myself as a connoisseur of me time. If ‘me time’ were a degree I would have graduated with a first class degree. Not everyone knows how to spend time by themselves, which is a shame as it’s an essential life skill that everyone needs to learn.  This may sound rather narcissistic but I love nothing better than spending time with myself. Me time is an essential part of keeping sane. In today’s insanely busy world taking out time for you should not be a luxury it should be a necessity.

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Me time means just that. There is no WE in me time. The art of me time means spending time by yourself for the good of yourself.


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Walking is one of the easiest ways to get a good dose of me time. You don’t need anything apart from a solid pair of trainers. As part of my life routine I always go for a walk a few times a month. I find it useful to clear my head, think through ideas and unwind.


me time at sofitel spa

The first weekend of every month is all about me, whether that be to go shopping, the spa, a walk or whatever I fancy. I only accept essential invites on the first weekend of the month. This is my rule of thumb as I would otherwise find my diary has been consumed with everyday life and I wouldn’t get any time for myself. Everyone’s life circumstances are different and not everyone is able to spend a whole weekend by themselves so even setting aside a couple of hours just for you works equally as well.


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As it’s so difficult to get time during the week, I often make my me time short and snappy.   30 minutes with my favourite magazine and a slice of cake can bring so much inner peace.

How do you get your me time scheduled? What do you like to do for me time? Zoe x






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